Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

GPS India’s flagship product – This package constitutes of a Web Tracking dashboard with over 100+ features, the best tracking mobile app available in the market, DigMyPosition with over 70,000 downloads as well as H/W and data services. Additionally a control panel tool to manage clientele and operations, and a mobile app to handle servicing and installations is part of the package.

Depending on the use-case and features required, a partner has a choice among different tracking dashboards as well as UI designs.

GPS India’s also has separate software solutions for more specialized tracking needs

  • GPS India’s Logistics Management Solution, is a unified web and mobile platform to manage and monitor the Operations, Traffic andFinance for any Logistics heavy operation. The solution offered is comprehensive with ERP and RFID integration, ensuring fast and efficient flow of information. It provides different dashboards and tools to suit the relevant needs of different stake-holders across the organisation hierarchy.

While GPS India has standard solutions, the main USP of its logistics solutions is the tailoring of the product to suit an organization’s setup, operations and existing technology implementation. GPS India’s attention to detail makes its solutions a perfect fit for different types of logistics operations – dedicated fleet, market fleet as well as 3PL Players

  • Pick-Up and Drop Tracking 

              For Administration and real-time pick & drop service providers like Schools and Employee transport

  • Employee Tracking

             On-field employee tracking and meetings management Solution