1Q :- What If The Device Does Not Work As Desired ?
Ans :- The Device Is Covered Under One Year Replacement Warranty. Our Support Team Can Remotely Diagnose The Device. In The Rare Scenario If Your Device Has Some Issue, We Will Ask You To Courier The Same To Us. Our Team Will Check The Device And If Required Provide You With A Replacement If The Device Is Under Warranty.
2Q :- What If The Device Does Not Work After One Year ?
Ans :- Our Support Team Will Assist By Remotely Diagnosing The Issue. If The Device Has Issues, You Will Have To Purchase A Replacement Device As The Device Is Not Repairable. You Can Purchase Extended Warranty For The Device Which Covers The Device For Replacement Warranty.
3Q :- Are There Any Recurring Charges ?
Ans :- Yes Every Year, You Will Have To Renew Your Annual Subscription. As Explained, We Incur Monthly Costs For Serving To Every Customer And Hence The Charges
4Q :- What If I Want To Discontinue The Service ?
Ans :- We Will Assure You Of Our Best Services And A Solution At Par Of International Standards. Further We Provide 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Plan Wherein You Can Return Back The Device To Us If You Are Not Happy With The Solution Or The Solution Is Not As Per Your Expectation. However Post This, We Will Not Be Able To Take Back The Device Or Refund The Subscription Charges
5Q :- Is The Service Transferable ?
Ans :- We Don't Recommend That You Transfer The Service. However If You So Desire We Can Assist By Clearing All Your Previous Data.